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Residential Development

Bellville, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

2021 - Completed

The Anchorage residential complex forms part of phase two of the Glenhaven neighbourhood in Bellville South. The development comprises of 512 social housing units which form part of the Western Cape social housing stock. There are six apartment blocks in the development which are mostly situated along the busy transport route of Peter Barlow Drive.

The apartment blocks are four storeys in height with vertical circulation positioned at the centre of each block. The stairways are the main highlight of each block, with side walls and canopies painted a special colour and signage positioned neatly on the façade. There was community engagement for the naming of each block, celebrating significant local community leaders.

There is a combination of 1 bed/1 bathroom and 2 bed/1 bathroom units within each block. These units are organized around two smaller courtyards and the circulation walkways look down into this space.

The apartment blocks are placed next to each other with a large central parking area for the tenants. Landscaping, trees and pedestrian footpaths are all well maintained and create an attractive environment for the residents. The complex includes a basketball court, a children’s playground and a clubhouse. Large lawns and a planted retention pond add extra green areas to the residential space.

Perimeter fencing is a mixture of solid walls and visually permeable palisade or wire mesh fencing. Solid walls are only placed where the privacy of the apartments and inhabitants required it. Predominantly permeable fencing exposes the softer green edge and related activities within the development.

Texture and depth was added to the façades of each block through the use of rough brickwork and contrasting smooth painted plasterwork. The buildings needed to be robust and require minimal maintenance.

This development has been highly successful with 100% occupation of tenants. There is a long waiting list of people wishing to live there.


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