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Guest House

Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa

2022 - Completed

This project was phase 2 of the new SANSA campus expansion. There was a need for an on-site guest accommodation building for visiting scientists, researchers and lecturers. Some of these visitors stay many months at the SANSA campus, so the need for comfortable accommodation was essential.

The concept for the building follows the same curved shapes found at the new Space Weather Centre, albeit on a smaller scale. The two new buildings speak to each other through similar design and materials, and are separated by a dense fynbos landscape. A combination of white bagged brickwork and contrasting smooth plasterwork creates visual interest.

The brief was to design a building that can host four guest bedrooms and bathrooms, two of which are for long stay visitors. A shared communal kitchen, dining and living area as well as two outside seating areas was provided for. A small laundry room was accommodated for the house keeping services. The overall size of the building is 180 m2.

AVNA was appointed to curate all the décor, soft furnishings and art pieces which had been selected for the building. Each bedroom and bathroom had a unique theme. There was either a mountain theme with green rooms or a coastal theme with blue rooms. The bedroom colour schemes were chosen to create a tranquil environment, while the lounge and living areas have pops of bright colours to stimulate the mind and encourage social mingling.

On a relatively tight budget, the end result created a lovely space to be enjoyed by all local and international SANSA guests.


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